Faith Martin Books In Order – How To Read Faith Martin’s Books?

Faith Martin

Are you a very recent addict to Faith Martin’s books and looking for what to read next? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with a complete list of Faith Martin books in order!

Faith Martin is a pen name of English author Jacquie Walton, who is best known for her popular detective series, starring Detective Inspector Hillary Greene. She also writes under the pen names Maxine Barry and Joyce Cato.

Walton began her career writing romance novels using the pen name Maxine Barry. Her first novel, Stolen Fire, set in Hawaii, was published in 1993. Walton is best known for writing a series of detective novels under the pen name Faith Martin.

We looked at all of the books authored by Faith Martin and bring a list of Faith Martin’s books in order for you to minimize your hassle at the time of choosing the best reading order.

Hope this article about Faith Martin books in order will help you when choosing the reading order for her books and make your book selection process easier and faster.

Happy reading!

Faith Martin Books In Order

You have four options when choosing the reading order for Faith Martin’s books:

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  1. Hillary Greene Books
  2. Ryder & Loveday Books
  3. Jenny Starling Books
  4. Monica Noble Books

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Faith Martin’s Hillary Greene Books In Order

We propose the following publication order when reading Faith Martin’s Hillary Greene books:

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  • Murder on the Oxford Canal / A Narrow Escape (2004)
  • Murder at the University / On the Straight and Narrow (2005)
  • Murder of the Bride / Narrow is the Way (2006)
  • Murder in the Village / By a Narrow Majority (2006)
  • Murder in the Family / Through a Narrow Door (2007)
  • Murder at Home / With a Narrow Blade (2007)
  • Murder in the Meadow / Beside a Narrow Stream (2008)
  • Murder in a Mansion / Down a Narrow Path (2008)
  • Murder in the Garden / Across the Narrow Blue Line (2009)
  • Murder by Fire / A Narrow Point of View (2010)
  • Murder at Work / A Narrow Exit (2011)
  • A Narrow Return / Murder Never Retires (2012)
  • A Narrow Margin of Error / Murder of a Lover (2013)
  • Walk a Narrow Mile / Murder Never Misses (2013)
  • A Narrow Victory / Murder at Midnight (2015)
  • The Work of a Narrow Mind / Murder in Mind (2015)
  • A Narrow Trajectory / Hillary’s Final Case (2016)
  • Hillary’s Back (2020)

Faith Martin’s Ryder & Loveday Books In Order

We propose the following publication order when reading Faith Martin’s Ryder & Loveday books:

  • A Fatal Obsession (2018)
  • A Fatal Mistake (2018)
  • A Fatal Flaw (2019)
  • A Fatal Secret (2019)
  • A Fatal Truth (2020)

Faith Martin’s Jenny Starling Books In Order

We propose the following publication order when reading Faith Martin’s Jenny Starling books:

  • The Birthday Mystery / Birthdays Can Be Murder (2010)
  • The Winter Mystery / A Fatal Fall of Snow (2011)
  • The Riverboat Mystery / Dying for a Cruise (2012)
  • Castle Mystery / The Invisible Murder (2012)
  • The Oxford Mystery / Deadly Stuff (2014)
  • The Teatime Mystery / Just Not Cricket (2015)
  • The Country Inn Mystery (2019)

Faith Martin’s Monica Noble Books In Order

We propose the following publication order when reading Faith Martin’s Monica Noble books:

  • An Unholy Mess / The Vicarage Murder (2015)
  • An Unholy Whiff of Death / The Flower Show Murder (2015)
  • An Unholy Shame / The Manor House Murder (2016)

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Your Thoughts About Faith Martin Books In Order

Are you a huge fan of Faith Martin’s books like us?

Do you disagree with this list about Faith Martin books in order?

Have you just begun reading the books?

What’s your plan for the reading order?

Do we miss any books to add to our list?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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